Apprenticeship Levy Calculator

Our handy apprenticeship levy calculator is here to help you estimate your apprenticeship levy funding.

In April 2017, the Government rolled out the apprenticeship Levy. Organisations with a pay bill of over £3,000,000 are required to pay a levy equal to 0.5% of their pay bill. You can read more about this in our handy guide to the apprenticeship levy.

You can use the money you pay into the levy to fund apprenticeship training in your organisation. The government even provides a 10% top up to ensure you get out more than you put in. Below we have provided a free handy apprenticeship levy calculator to help you estimate the funding that will be available to you over the year to use in apprenticeships.

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Your pay bill is under £3,000,000 this means you don't have to pay the apprenticeship levy!
Please enter both your total pay bill and percentage of employees.
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Percentage of employees in England:
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Below is an estimate of your Levy Payments and Funding. Remember that these figures are just an estimate, your actual payments and funding may vary.

Here's how much levy you'll need to pay:

This figure is equal to 0.5% of your total pay bill, with the £15,000 deducted for the allowance that each company gets.

Here's the Levy Funding Available to You:

This figure is equal to the amount you have paid into the levy, multiplied by the percentage of your employees that work in England.

Your 10% Top Up Amount is:

The Government gives you a 10% top up on the levy funding available to you.

Meaning the Total Levy Funding Available for You to Use is:
Here is the total funding you'll have after you've been topped up

We believe that Management Apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to utilise your levy budget, letting you increase the capabilities and skills of your key leadership team members.
Contact us today to learn how we can help you best use your Apprenticeship Levy Funding with a management apprenticeship.