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Round 3 Offshore Wind Farm Launch Programme

Job satisfaction often comes with being involved in a great variety of work and, over the years, Create the Space has certainly been involved in some very interesting and different projects. But there is always something new, so when in mid-2009 we were asked to support The Crown Estate in the Round 3 offshore wind farm launch programme, we jumped at the chance of not only being involved in something completely different, but also something that would impact on the lives of everyone in the UK and potentially the rest of the world.


On January 8th 2010, it was announced in Parliament that the UK has a legally binding target to produce 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and that this would be achieved by the development of nine offshore wind zones that together will generate 25GWs of power. To achieve this world-first in wind power, The Crown Estate, who own the seabed around the coast of Britain (and 50% of the foreshore), identified nine developer organisations/consortia to build and maintain the offshore wind farms. This multi-billion pound project will provide power for at least the next sixty years and will result in the creation of c70,000 jobs. Once established, it is anticipated that the ground-breaking technology will be sold not only to the rest of Europe, but throughout the world, with the potential of creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in technology and manufacturing.

"Feedback from both The Crown Estate and the developers has been embarrassingly good"

The Crown Estate - Round 3 Off Shore Wind Farm Launch Programme

What Is TQ’s Involvement In This Incredible Project?

Prior to Round 3, The Crown Estate had never before worked closely with commercial organisations. Their role has been to ensure the stewardship of beautiful parklands and coastline and ensuring its flora and fauna is in safe hands for generations to come. This project demanded that they work alongside some of the world’s foremost power generating companies to deliver the 25GW by 2020, whilst ensuring effective stewardship of some 88 million hectares of seabed and 22,000 km of coastline. Clearly, all parties need to work together to achieve these demanding goals. This is why they asked for help from Create the Space.

Create the Space designed and delivered a series of launch events, entitled ‘Working Together on the Marine Estate’, to bring together The Crown Estate and key team members from the nine developer organisations to lay the foundations of how they will work together to achieve their individual zonal goals and the combined 25GW target for the whole of the UK. These highly inter-active launch events were delivered in locations as diverse as The London Science Museum, the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh and a small 1930s style cinema in the port of Ijmuiden, which is approximately 30km west of Amsterdam.

Feedback from both The Crown Estate and the developers has been embarrassingly good, but perhaps the greatest success has been the outputs from the activities which have resulted in the creation of a number of very powerful shared values and ways of working.

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