The most consistently excellent training course I have attended.

Participant, Santander

[Create The Space] have been fantastic as a partner in designing, delivering, evaluating and enhancing the biggest part of this programme.

Project Lead, Santander

I would recommend [them] in a heartbeat; they are singularly the best organisation I have ever worked with in the learning and development field, both in the public and private sector. That is about their approach, their flexibility, the quality of the staff and the quality of the product you are left with… first rate partnership working…flexibility of approach…a commitment to deliver what needs to be done…responsive and always available.

Programme Manager, Central Government Department

“I learnt a lot about myself and more so about how and why colleagues work the way they do and how I need to communicate differently to relate to them better”

Keir Group Module 1 Participant

“There are lots of things I am already doing differently because of this programme, especially when it comes to communicating with my team and the other teams I work with”

Babcock Rail Programme Participant

“The Santander Leadership Programme is an inspirational, powerful and innovative programme. It has matured enough to reap measurable rewards yet remains truly ground-breaking and exceptional in its field. The programme’s innovative delivery and unique attributes have had an ongoing business impact that will only continue to expand in reach and influence.”

Santander L&D Project Lead