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Management and Leadership

As Leadership & Management specialists we work with you to build manager capability and confidence, and to develop the mindsets that drive innovation and leadership behaviour.

Management Development

Leadership Development

Personal Development

Create The Space is approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to deliver best in class qualifications in management and leadership.

We work with you to design and accredit your own management and leadership programmes in line with your business requirements.

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Management Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have been transformed in recent years and are now one of the best business opportunities available to develop the capabilities and performance of the managers and leaders in an organisation.

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Meet Your Business Needs

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Genuine Partnership With You

Create The Space is perfectly placed to support corporate clients to use their levy to deliver Management Apprenticeships that improve business success.

Change & Transformation

Extracting the full benefit from business transformation programmes depends on employees having the right attitudes and skills to adapt. This doesn’t happen without skilled leadership and a willingness to learn.

Embed New Ways of Working

Change Leadership Behaviour

Shift Thinking

Change Conversations

Create The Space works with you to enable change by realigning the way people in the business think, work and behave.

Talent Development

Spotting, nurturing and developing that talent is good for business. It creates a pipeline of skilled and capable people, ready to step into new roles as the organisation grows. And for the people within the business, it provides the opportunity and possibility that builds loyalty and commitment.

Extensive Experience working with Corporate Clients

Measure Success Against Agreed Business Metrics

Build Depth and Strength

Genuine Partnership with You

Create the Space partners you through all stages of the talent pipeline, from the freshest recruits right through to the rising stars and executives at the top of the tree.