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Innovative Solutions Workshop


Create the Space was tasked with developing a solution that would build an ‘innovation’ mindset/culture and professional agility that would enable participants to rapidly respond/adapt to change within a constantly evolving work environment. The objectives were to learn how to more effectively build and leverage communities, communicate authentically, and create purpose and alignment.


Through close collaboration with key stakeholders, we designed an ‘Innovative Solutions’ workshop – a highly-interactive, challenging entrepreneurial experience that provided a platform for reflection, innovation and tailored action.

Through the workshop, we created the environment for participants to explore ‘agile’ thinking and lean start-up methodology. Participants were immersed in a high energy, collaborative experience that encouraged rapid experimentation and learning. They utilised a range of tools to reveal opportunities, test viability and refine thinking.

Response to the workshop was overwhelmingly positive from participants

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Response to the workshop was overwhelmingly positive from participants who each committed to using the tools locally as part of an identified project and to report back to internal stakeholders on their experience.

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