Spotting, nurturing, and developing talent is good for business. It creates a pipeline of skilled and capable people, ready to step into new roles as the organisation grows. And for the people within the business, it provides the opportunity and possibility that builds loyalty and commitment.

Create the Space partners you through all stages of the talent pipeline, from the freshest recruits right through to the rising stars and executive teams, developing your managers and leaders of the future with the drive and agility that will lead the business to success.

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Apprenticeships have been transformed in recent years and are now one of the best business opportunities available to develop the capabilities and performance of the managers and leaders in an organisation.
We develop tailored programmes for Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeships and Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeships.

Emerging talent predicts the strength and viability of your future management population. These green shoots of potential must be nurtured carefully to engage, develop and encourage continued growth.
Our emerging manager and graduate programmes are specifically designed to create a population of skilled, knowledgeable, and confident individuals able to make the shift from adding value individually to creating value through others.

The identification and cultivation of high potential talent is the backbone of an effective talent pipeline.
We create Selection and Development Centres that ensure the right people are offered the right training both for them, and for your organisation.

Development of high-potential talent is universally accepted as a key battleground in the war for talent. It is widely recognised as the most effective way to fill immediate gaps and build a robust skills pipeline for the future.
Our future leaders’ programmes provide stretch and challenge to build the skills and resilience that are required from tomorrow’s business leaders.

Line managers are the coaches and mentors of the organization and their involvement is one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement and is shown to increase employee motivation and job performance.
We offer a suite of programmes specifically designed to help your managers and leaders to actively support and develop others to succeed at work; resulting in higher satisfaction rates, better engagement, improved retention, and increased productivity.

Strategic leadership skills are a key aspect of success in a senior leadership role. Strategic leaders must formulate and share a clear vision for future organisational success, as well as motivate and persuade employees to buy in to that vision
We develop programmes, tailored to your organisational needs, that equip leaders with the skills that allow them to think and act strategically.

Career Management Skills help people understand themselves and the world around them and take control of their career with all its potential opportunities.
Our programmes support career growth and development to help people take charge of their own career growth.
We also provide programmes that help managers prepare for meaningful career conversations with their employees and support them in getting clear on their strengths and career aspirations as well as how to effectively align their development plan with the future business priorities and needs.

Executive coaching offers a trusted means of helping senior leaders gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives, and unlock potential.
Our executive coaches offer a personally tailored approach to learning; providing a focus that other forms of training and development cannot. We help senior leaders experiment with new ways of thinking and being, and commit to actions that help achieve their goals.

An organisation's talent is one of its most valuable resources. Doing everything you can to foster and develop your talent is a key ingredient to business success.

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Talent Development Case Studies

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Babcock Rail Leadership Programme

We partnered with BAbcock Rail to develop a brand-new leadership programme to instill the behaviours expected in future leaders for the company, whilst themalso providing an ILM level 5 accredited qualification.

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Kier Group Management Development Programme

We worked with Kier Group  to create a group wide first line management development programme that took into account the local needs across the group.

Talent Development Testimonials

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A talent development programme is a training and development programme that prepares people for future roles in the business.

Talent development is an important strategy for an organisation as it creates a pipeline of skilled and capable people, ready to step into new roles as the organisation grows.

Key components of talent management would include the attraction, recruitment, selection, development, retention and deployment of people who have been identified as having valuable skills and potential.

In order to grow and develop talent in an organisation you need to consider strategies for attracting the right people, selecting people based on potential, developing future anticipated skills, engaging and motivating identified talent, deploying the right talent in the right roles.

Talent management is the anticipation of future skills required by a business.

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