Extracting the full benefit from business transformation programmes depends on employees having the right attitudes and skills to adapt. This doesn’t happen without agile and skilled leadership and a willingness to learn.

Create The Space works with clients to enable change by realigning the way people in the business think, work and behave.

Why Choose Create the Space?

We ensure people understand the reason for the change, what they can expect, what they need to do differently, and how they’ll be supported through the change.

We have extensive experience in helping people adopt new ways of working as a result of enterprise-wide transformation programmes; especially involving new system implementation or cultural change.

Our focus is on equipping the people in the organisation to embed and sustain change by embracing new processes and changing the language of line manager conversations.

How Create the Space Can Help

  • Support the development of standard operating procedures and test scripts

  • Engage people in the business

  • Shift thinking/change mindsets

  • Embed new ways of working

  • Change Leadership behaviour

  • Change Line Manager conversations

  • Develop change champions

The business landscape is changing more rapidly than any other time in history. To keep up with the changing times and competitions all businesses need to change the way their leadership teams think.

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Organisational Change and Transformation Case Studies

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Santander Leadership Programme

We partnered with Santander to create a brand-new leadership programme to drive forward a cultural shift by instilling positive behaviours and giving leaders permission ‘to be the best leaders they could be’.

Organisational Change and Transformation Testimonials

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