Workplace Practitioner Mentor

Designed for managers and leaders who want to help people succeed at work through mentoring and coaching.

Technical mentoring involves supporting someone to learn new skills.

Pastoral mentoring involves developing and supporting the whole person to succeed at work.

Managers tell us they want to be better able to support, develop, and give back to people at work, and be recognised for their efforts.

The question is...

How do you currently do this?

Introducing the Workplace Practitioner Mentor, a certified course designed for managers, supervisors, and developing staff.

Certified by The Mentoring School.

Growing Employees

Mentoring is shown to develop individuals within a company at both senior and more junior levels. It increases employee motivation, job performance and retention rates. For managers, it multiplies the impact of any change and prepares new leaders for the complexity of the challenges they will face.

This programme will help managers and leaders within your organisation to actively support and develop others to succeed at work; resulting in higher satisfaction rates, better engagement, improved retention, and increased productivity!

Course Delivery

We offer three different delivery options
a 3-day classroom-based programme,
a fast-track blended learning programme incorporating online learning plus 1-day in the classroom,
or an online only format.


Certification is achieved through successful completion of an online assessment. Certification includes a listing on the public Register of Mentors for one year (continued listing requires a small annual fee). Learners also have the option to complete a reflective assignment to convert their course into a Level 3 Workplace Mentor Qualification (currently undergoing registration).

Engagement, satisfaction, retention.

What does the course include?

Our specialist course covers up to date best practice skills in working with individuals or groups in the workplace, covering the practical skills to support your workforce to overcome the barriers that hold them back in their work:

You and your role

What is a mentor

Barriers to success

Learning styles

Emotional intelligence

Preparation for the future

Good mentoring practice

Working with an individual


Working with a team

Involving others

Supporting an individual

Brain development and mental health

Giving feedback

Bringing it all together

Are you ready to transform your company culture with the Workplace Practitioner Mentor Programme?

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